Le Jardin Retrouvé

Rose Trocadéro

Rose Trocadero is inspired by the fragrant roses of the past, evoking memories of childhood gardens. This fragrance, created by Yuri, the founder of the House, pays homage to the exquisite French perfumes of the 1920s. With sweet notes of rose petals, blackcurrant buds, and white musk, it captures the essence of a sunny day in the Trocadéro Garden in Paris, where a woman carrying a bouquet of roses leaves a trail of absolute rose, along with hints of blackcurrant bud, lavender, and musk, creating a delicate and nostalgic olfactory experience.

Top Notes: Essence Rose, Blackcurrant, Rose Green
Middle Notes: Absolute Rose, Geranium, Clove
Base Notes: Fragipanier, Rasberry, Coconut, Balsam Peru

Perfumer: Yuri Gutsatz



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