Rose Discovery Set


Perhaps the most adored of all the flowers, rose’s importance in perfume is unparalleled. Part of this stems from the complexity and diversity of its scent, which can be dewy, powdery, woody, crisp, spicy, fruity, or all of the above!

Whether it’s a perfect soliflore, or a powerful rose-oud scent, this flower is always magical, adding an element of romance and passion to every rose perfume.

We have carefully curated ten wonderful rose samples for this Discovery Set.


Anatole Lebreton - Perfumista - 1 ML
April Aromatics - Rosenlust - 1 ML
Electimuss - Rhodanthe - 1 ML
Les Indemodables - Rose De Jamal - 1 ML
Les Parfums De Rosine - Ballerina N°3 - 1 ML
Masque Milano - Love Kills - 1 ML
Neela Vermeire - Mohur - 1 ML
Nicolai - Rose Oud - 1 ML
Papillon - Tobacco Rose - 1 ML
Stephane Humbert Lucas - Rose De Petra - 1 ML


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