Les Indemodables

Rose de Jamal


Shimmering | Mint | Rose

This is a special rose, named in dedication of Jamal, a rose farmer from Morocco that supplies the unique rose employed in this fragrance.

An aromatic and woody rose with remarkable freshness, this avant-garde construction diverts the rose onto an unfamiliar path – less bouquet than an image of wild rose bushes against the harsh dusty landscape – Rose de Jamal celebrates the precious extracts from the most beautiful terroirs of Morocco.

The nuanced fruitiness of pink pepper is refreshed with the cool agrestic breeze of lavender and mint, in turn revealing to deeper, more sumptuous facets of rose on a carnal base of animalic, dry, and potent cedar wood.

Rose absolute Morocco 5.5%,
Cedarwood oil Morocco 2.8%,
Pink Pepper Co2 Madagascar 1.7%,
Lavender fine oil France 0.7% 

Maturation: 3 weeks
Maceration: 2 weeks

Top Notes: Mint, Lavender, Pink Pepper
Heart Notes: Rose
Base Notes: Cedar

Perfumer: Antoine Lie


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