Rosa Nigra



Fruity | Illusory | Rose 

A sister fragrance to Opus 1144, Rosa Nigra conveys the scented stone of Gothic buildings.

At first, Rosa Nigra may appear easy to read with a directly legible structure, but on the contrary; with eyes closed, it releases its whole complexity.

How are we to read this fragrance? We first appreciate the illusory nature of the namesake note: Rosa Nigra provides us with a ‘rose’ only in impression, constructed through a melange of sweet flowers, intense fruited woods, and shades of iris. The rose is ecstatic: it commands our attention, and it begs for reverential treatment with its sharp, bloody, dewy, and dangerous facets. It is a fatal and abstract blend indiscernible from its parts.

There’s bitterness and dangerous herbal greens through artemisia and anisic absinthe, weaving throughout the olfactory architecture of Rosa Nigra. It then shoots right into fertile earth until it hits marble bedrock, scenting the mottled stone with a leafy floral freshness saturated with peach and incense. The incense lingers and smoulders: fine trails of smoke rising up to the sky, carrying us up to heaven, and burning for time eternal. Peach, on the other hand, represents earthly beauty, the blessed fruit, the tree of life, the symbol of rebirth and redemption.

arble is a repeated theme here: Rosa Nigra is like an immense monolith carved into greatness, transforming its form, and showcasing the rewards of such immense risk. A harmonic structure cut with precision, a base of cashmere wood, amber, vanilla, musks, and sandalwood provide stillness, allowing us to reach our deepest and most solemn thoughts.

Top NotesArtemisia, Anise
Heart NotesPeach, Sandalwood, Freesia
Base NotesMoss, Cashmere Wood, Amber, Vanilla

Perfumer: Filippo Sorcinelli


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