Masque Milano



The studio was filled with the rich odour of roses…

Act III Scene II
Daylight is breaking in. What time is it? The Green Fairy inspired throughout your nightlong endeavours and now you’re done. Your beautiful subject is still there facing you. …such a beautiful poser… So well dressed, so carefully groomed, so irresistibly debonair, …beautiful and intoxicating… as intoxicating as the indolic smell of the flowers in full bloom, coming from the garden. So weird – only yesterday you were just friends. Bees hopping from one flower to another, perpetuating the amazing circle of life. Butterflies in your stomach. What is going on? What is this vertigo? Overwhelming attraction, stirring you up.
Still you are not in love – yet.
A delightful Italian word describes all this sublimely: Innamoramento.

The Appearance: Artemisia, Orange Blossom, Angelica
The Soul: Narcissus, Violet Leaf, Jasmine
The Ineluctable: Vetiver, Cedar, Patchouli, Amber, Myrrh

Perfumer: Cristiano Canali


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