Rogue Perfumery Discovery Set


Working as a chef since 1993, Manuel Cross honed his olfactory senses early in life. Developing a fascination for aromas and perfume, Manuel attempted to produce his own fragrance from some basic essential oils without much success in 2007.
Falling further down the rabbit hole, Manuel's passion led him to intensify his studies of perfumery, raw materials and a particularly keen interest in the history of modern fragrance.
For Rogue Perfumery, Manuel Cross creates mostly retro-styled fragrances, drawing his inspiration from the last 150 years of perfumery. 

We have compiled this Discovery Set of Rogue Perfumery fragrances, which includes samples of the following:

Bon Monsieur - 1 ML
Champs Lunaires - 1 ML
Chypre Siam - 1 ML

Derviche - 1ML
Derviche II - 1ML
Fougere L’Aube - 1 ML
Jasmin Antique - 1 ML
Mousse Illuminee - 1 ML

Rostracto - 1ML
Tabac Vert - 1 ML
Tuberose & Moss - 1 ML
Vetifleur - 1ML


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