Rêve En Cuir



Cloves | Vanilla | Delicately Spicy

Eerily light, deliciously gourmand, unexpectedly sweet and sensuous like bed sheets in pure silk. A leather goods scent which fulfils its name to a T: a dream dreamt in leather.

Leather fragrances can be tricky to create, as a rule. Too brutal for delicate sensibilities, with their tar notes and acrid greenness, sometimes, even if undoubtedly sexy in a “devil may care” attitude. Yet one might want a gentler approach sometimes; something for the boudoir, something shared between the sexes without too much effort, something…well, something lovable, yes.

Francis Kurkdjian therefore innovates and instead of emphasizing the classic citrus opening, which mellows the rough smoky edges off leather fragrances, he polishes the formula with a candied and herbal arpeggio standing on oregano, spice and lots of vanilla. A smidgeon of patchouli and vetiver ground the fragrance, lest it becomes immaterial or too sweet for its own sake.

In his sophisticated style he provides us with a leather fragrance so delicious, that we forget, for a moment, that we’re dealing with a genre so smoky and bold. Instead Rêve en Cuir is similar to nubby suede, rubbed with cloves, swathed in vanilla, kissed on the forehead with a sweet kiss which promises love and affection, always. We fall for that trick, don’t we…

PerfumerFrancis Kurkdjian


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