Oriza L. Legrand

Relique d‘Amour


Antique | Damp | Gothic

An abandoned chapel of a Cistercian abbey. Cold stonewalls covered in damp moss. The scent of waxen wood, of the tabernacle, ornate pews, and carvings. The linseed oil that forms the patina of an unfinished sacred painting.

Myrrh and frankincense linger in the air, issuing their age-old call. A peppery whiff mingles in the atmosphere, a spectral dance of scent. White lilies centres this scent, still fresh and yet so spicy. The scent of funerals and of the departed soul. The subtle scent of golden pollen mingles with that of solemn green leaves.

A beam of light breaks through the stained-glass windows, illuminating this olfactory tumult of feelings, shifting from humility to jubilation. A divine call.

Top Notes: Fresh Herbs, Pine
Heart Notes: Powdery Notes, White Lily, Pepper, Oak, Incense, Myrrh, Elemi
Base Notes: Musk, Moss, Waxed Wood, Woody Notes, Pepper


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