Etat Libre D'Orange


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From the provocateur of new French perfumery comes a fragrance to shock as much as entice with its lush and hyper-feminine aroma. Coquettish and decadent.

Putain des Palaces has no association with palaces and monarchs. It refers to paid escort services offered at posh hotels for rich clientèle. Even French troubadour Serge Gainsbourg has composed a song after this. But before squinting and rejecting with a “this is not for me” wave of the hand, come and sample Putain des Palaces for yourself.

The scent begins on the classic cosmetic alliance of violet and rose, the scent of lipstick and face powder, weapons of seduction. Then you catch a note of leather, like a pencil skirt in said material, hugging feminine curves. If you’re still alert and conscious for the dry-down phase, you’re rewarded with the sublimely supple scent of living, pampered feminine skin.

Dare you go there?

Notes: Rose Absolute, Violet, Leather, Lily Of The Valley, Tangerine, Ginger, Rice Powder, Amber, Animal Notes…


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