Violet Parfums

Pourpre d’Automne


Powdered | Woody | Violet

Lipstick on the complexion of a purple cheek, it drapes the nose of its velvet scent. Its warm, autumnal colours radiate into the depths of senses. The depiction of fragility imbued with recklessness, a flower piercing a bronze floor. A scent of contagious poetry, the touch of a delicate moment.

Pourpre d’Automne was imagined as the nuances of a season. With the alliance of an organic rose and a purified violet, the perfume is a colourful invitation into the heart of its generous flowers. The iridescent, cosmetic and powdery scents bring a warm nostalgia, exacerbated by peach and plum, end-of-season fruits. Its mossy chypré atmosphere associated with benzoin creates a copper-coloured carpet which gives Pourpre d’Automne all the poetry of the colourful leaves, twirling over time.

Top Notes
: Violet Leaf, Peach, Plum
Heart Notes: Rose, Iris, Violet
Base Notes: Moss, Benzoin, Musk

Perfumer: Nathalie Lorson


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