Marlou Paris



Poudrextase - is a proposition around skin ordour from the cosmetic to animalistic facets. 

In one hand Marlou wanted to use rice powder and dry rose, stereotypes of cosmetic, in a very androgynous way. In an other hand to explore how it can get nicely dirtier and attractive to express a skin, a body that lives. 

Starting from the delicate and intimate powder of the « toilette/ablution »  to extase, the experience of sensuality, of the body pleasures. We find in it cypress that bring a cream/balm facet and do the link between the two opposite. As well indolic notes that bring shape to the sensual part, civet and musks that goes more in the "dirt".

Notes: Rice Powder, Dried Rose, Cypress, Civet, Musk.

EDP 50ml

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