Omnia Profumi



The name evokes precious images and if we think of the ductility of platinum we imagine softness and sweetness. This is the Platino fragrance, with extremely feminine characteristics, where the enveloping sweetness of milk-caramel meets coconut and is sublimated by vanilla to the point of suggesting sensations of boundless youth thanks to acacia and triumphant jasmine capable of stimulating sensations of physical and mental well-being.

These white flowers are a symbol of purity, but also of sensuality and symbolize femininity in a sweetly gourmand fragrance thanks to caramel, coconut and milk.

Top Notes: Milk Cream Candy, Coconut Milk
Heart Notes: Almond Milk, Jasmine, Acacia
Base Notes: Vanilla, White Musk

Perfumer: Fabrizio Tagliacarne


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