Rose et Marius

Platanes Scented Candle Refill


It’s summer in Provence. The air is filled with wafts of a delicate scent, emanating from the centennial plane trees that line our roads and villages. We have captured this fragrance that is so characteristic of Provence and have instilled it into this scented candle that will fill your home with an atmosphere of elegance and sophistication.

Each Rose et Marius product is created by our talented craftsmen with love in Provence.

Instructions for use: remove the silicone container and place your candle refill in your Rose et Marius porcelain tumbler (available separately)

This candle refill should never be burned in its silicone container which is flammable.

During the first use, let your candle burn until all the wax has become liquid on the surface to prevent the wax from digging and forming a well around the wick. Before each ignition, shorten the wick to 1cm to prevent any smoke. Your candle will burn on a regular basis if you make sure the wick is straight and centered when you extinguish.

Estimated burning time: 60 hours.

These candle refills are designed to pair with the Rose et Marius tumbler. They cannot be used without an official tumbler, and will not burn correctly in any other container.

If this is your first Rose et Marius candle, please purchase a tumbler and candle package from here.

Top Notes: Cypress
Heart Notes: Plane Tree Leaves
Base Notes: Plane Tree Bark


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