PK Perfumes Discovery Set


Paul Kiler, Perfume Composer of PK Perfumes has spent many years learning this Art and Craft, and has finally taken this step of releasing his line.  Paul does this with full confidence of issuing great products of extraordinary quality.  He is a leader in the new “Real Perfumery” movement, which consists of perfumers who believe that Real Perfumery uses the best ingredients available to them, to make the best possible fragrances, and composes to Standards of Excellence, instead of standards of weakness.  Paul’s fragrances are a fantastic blend of the world’s best naturals and aromatics creating stunning and new creations.

Natural essential oils, Absolutes, resins, and resinoids all figure prominently in all formulations, and range from between 20-50% of the fragrance.

Natural elements bring a full and beautiful rounding grace to the longevity and strength offered by other materials. This is what he calls, “Real Perfumery”, which is the classic style of the great perfumers of the early 20th century. With the inclusion of so many naturals in the mix, the fragrances hearken back to the early years of Guerlain and Ernest Beaux.  The vast majority of mass market fragrances have little to zero naturals included in their formulations, because naturals are more expensive to include.  And most all natural fragrances seem to last for but a few hours and then they are gone.  PK Perfumes fragrances last all day with aplomb.

Paul Kiler’s work is not simple – it is complex and orchestral in nature.

We have compiled this Discovery Set of PK Perfumes, which includes samples of the following:

Cafe Diem - 1 ML
Carissa - 1 ML
Charis - 1 ML
Cuir Moderne - 1 ML
Dirty Rose - 1 ML
Dirty Rose Oud Extreme - 1 ML
Ere - 1 ML
Ginger Zest Du Citron - 1 ML
Gold Leather - 1 ML
Heaven Fresh - 1 ML
Maderas De Oriente Oscuro - 1 ML
Red Leather - 1 ML
Starry Starry Night - 1 ML
TNT - 1 ML
Tropicalismo - 1 ML
Velvet Curacao - 1 ML
Violet Chocolatier - 1 ML
Zaffran - 1 ML


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