pink iris


Soft | Fluffy | Sweet

For the modern muse. A contemporary, classic floral

Nose-tingling Sichuan pepper and fresh basil open this traditional floral bouquet where its namesake iris shines among a showstopping lineup of rose, jasmine, and natural musk.

Bluebell wood in may, languid summer afternoons, swimming, warmth stroking a naked body, a mirage on the ocean…desire, like bees buzzing among the flowers, bathing in colour, breathing heavy, open for adventure, craving, yearning for the familiar… bloom of youth, melting, bespoke bouquets, scent drifting across the countryside, a short-lived romance, burning, to be never forgotten… the glory of life, richness, unforgettable flavour,
waiting to be discovered, heat shimmer, obscuring, obscuring your view, seeing what you feel…

Top Notes: Sichuan Pepper, Raspberry Leaf, Basil
Heart Notes: Orris Root (Iris), Rose, Jasmine
Base Notes: Vanilla, Musk

All Abel ingredients are derived from natural sources. Abel guarantee fair trade and sustainable farming practices.

Perfumer: Isaac Sinclair


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