Maria Candida Gentile

Pineta Dopo La Pioggia Diffuser

Pineta Dopo la Poggia is an olfactory memory of a summer walk in the Corsican bush after an unexpected downpour; the result is an encompassing woody feel that defines the home and frees its boundaries.

Another journey, another place: the pinewoods of Corsica, full of cistus, maritime pines and myrtle. A notion of balmy, romantic liberty, an end-of-summer day after a torrential downpour.

Pineta Dopo la Pioggia takes us to Corsica, a symbolic island, eternally invincible. A place of arid Mediterranean bush and where the sea soothes the roughness of the internal landscape. The rocks and shrubs give us myrtle and cistus and the island is crowned by the essence of maritime pine, which binds the whole fragrance and gives us a room fragrance that is wild, balmy and natural.


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