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Oozing | Sweet | Human

What a sticky mess.

Phloem is a diabolical assemblage of odourants that should oppose, but somehow attract. There is a violent, primal sensuality that bewitches before embracing. The entire composition is a balancing act of contradicting raw materials blended instinctually to create a shocking and diffusive bouquet of devastating release.

Phloem presents a miasma of olfactory sin; flushed skin, shoreline, carnival frivolities, caviar, lipstick smears and erogenous effluvium.

Flowers have always been instruments of seduction. Their sticky nectar and sweet pollen attracting insects. A romantic gesture with a bouquet of red roses. A spray on the neck and bosom with a bottle of jasmine perfume before a date. Phloem takes that notion and contorts it to its limits.

It’s a strangely harmonious concoction of sweet, animalic and fruity notes. Tart passionfruit and rhubarb, the elderflower-meets-almond characters of meadowsweet and coconut-scented gorse. Woven amongst these florals and fruits is a human-like accord, more than likely attributed to botanicals like oysterplant and ambrette. But really, in simplistic terms, Phloem is an appealing fruity floral scent and it’s not as unusual as it sounds!

Fruity, Playful Top:
Passionfruit, Rhubarb, Berries

Sticky Floral Heart
Honeysuckle, Oysterplant, Gorse, Meadowsweet

Sweet, Seductive Base:
Ambrette, Sesame, Amyris, Tonka Bean

Pairs with: Fantosmia & Nectary


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