Nutty | Dry | Gluttonous

A rich, hedonistic gourmand that somehow remains dry and unsweetened.

Hazelnut is not a particularly common star note in a fragrance. It’s often used in small doses for a praline accord, but in Perverso, hazelnut is in the spotlight, cracked shell and oily nut, all together.

With a top note of rum mingling with the rich, buttery hazelnut, there’s an effect reminiscent of Frangelico liqueur. Emerging shortly after is the woodier aspects of the hazelnut, the dry shell and bitter skin. Styrax gives a smoky, background character, keeping Perverso dry and preventing sweet, gourmand characters from dominating. The cocoa here is dark and certainly not sweet, as is the tobacco.

Gourmands can sometimes be ignored by those lacking a sweet tooth, but Perverso shows that the genre can offer something for everyone.

Being Extraits, Baruti fragrances should only require 1-3 sprays per wearing.

Hazelnut Liqueur Top:  Rum, Hazelnut, Caramel, Fig
Dry Nutty Heart:  Hazelnut, Cocoa, Tobacco, Storax
Subtle Musky Base:  Musk, Ambergris, Styrax

Perfumer: Spyros Drosopoulos


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