Omnia Profumi




The beauty of jewel stones has inspired many a perfumer. The sparkle and beautiful cuts of precious and semi-precious stones catch the eye. The same goes for the fragrances inspired by them, beguiling the nose and the mind, turning the experience into a multi-sensory delight.

Peridoto evokes the olivine shade of the semi-precious gemstone, with its vivacious melange of grapefruit & bergamot, and the purringly soft scent of verdant leafed pansies. Vibrating in the spectrum segmentation of green, Peridoto blends flowers and fruits next into a springtime stroll in the garden, before receding into a clean patchouli hug, with only a hint of salty musky ambergris, and the creamy touch of vanilla. If you want something very soft, very innocent, and quite airy, Peridoto might make you succumb.

Top Notes : Lime, Lily Of The Valley, Ginger, Nutmeg
Heart Notes: Rose, Jasmine, Incense, Cloves
Base Notes: Amber, Vanilla, Sandalwood


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