PEOSYM Discovery Set*

On the threshold of past and present, scents and memories linger. Intangible threads. No two stories are ever alike and yet, they connect us by shared emotional experiences. PEOSYM is a journey in exploring this idea of Self discovery and Empathy.
Like any other art form, it is about presenting a perspective and seeking interpretations. Products are the medium chosen.

Our concepts are woven around layers of life, foolish sentiments and tendency to wonder. Some already taking shape and some waiting for their time to come. How you choose to embrace them will define what they become - an extension of yourself, a cloud of your mood, colours of your attire or an identity statement.

With a sustainable approach at heart, our *clean & cruelty free products are manufactured and packed in Australia. As events of your daily rituals, we hope they bring you whiffs of joy and inspiration.

We have compiled this Discovery Set of PEOSYM fragrances, which includes samples of the following:

Lost Wonderer - 1 ML
Nirmohee - 1 ML
Horn Ok Please - 1ML

*This is an LKNU Launchpad product however this item will be shipped from LKNU.


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