Fragrance Du Bois

Patchouli Argent

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Seductive and engaging, Patchouli Argent is as captivating as the motes in a sliver of light through an open window. Opening with citrusy bergamot, exotic notes come to the fore at the heart of the fragrance with rose, jasmine and coriander taking centre stage, before yielding to gentle musk, Asian-inspired incense and patchouli in a long-lasting and memorable finish.

Soft and elegant, Patchouli Argent lingers like a fond memory.

Top Notes - Bergamot
Middle Notes - Rose, jasmine , Coriander
Base Notes - Musk, Incense , Woods, Patchouli

All of Fragrance Du Bois perfumes contain 100% pure, organic Oud Oil from sustainable sources.


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