Pantheon Roma Discovery Set


The Italian Renaissance was one of the most beautiful historical periods. The research of beauty was a central theme of the period.

This project wants to show people who live in modern times that there is always a way to dream: the research of beauty and love.

The love story of Raphael Sanzio and Margherita, who lived against prejudices, tells about a true love which demonstrates how this feeling can generate creative energies and incredible marks on humanity.

Raphael Sanzio who, when called to Rome by the Pope to paint his apartments, finds himself moving among the grandest aristocracy of the time, becoming betrothed to marry Maria, niece of Cardinal Medici. But Raphael falls helplessly in love with Margherita, daughter of a baker in the Trastevere district.

A forbidden love, given their comparative difference in wealth, which is consumed in the garden behind her father’s bakery. And theirs is such a great passion that after a fiery night with Margherita, Raphael falls ill and dies a few days later. He is buried in the temple of the Pantheon – the only artist to receive such an honour. Margherita closes herself in a nearby convent to remain close to him and as a declaration of her eternal love for him.

This story is so beautiful and powerful that it has been told with perfumes that can re-evoke memories and feelings greater than anything else.

We have compiled this Discovery Set of Pantheon Roma fragrances, which includes samples of the following:

Anniversario - 1 ML
Annone - 1 ML
Cosi Blu - 1 ML
Dolce Passione - 1 ML
Donna Margherita - 1 ML
Il Giardino - 1 ML
Notte D'Amore - 1 ML
Raffaello - 1 ML
Trastevere - 1 ML


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