Oud Discovery Set


A rare, precious and endangered material, oud is produced from the Aquilaria tree, but the natural wood will not suffice. Instead, only trees that are affected by a particular fungus will produce a defensive resin inside their trunks, creating agarwood, also known as oud.

The scent of oud can vary depending on factors including the region, species, age, and even whether the wood is farmed or wild.

We have carefully curated ten samples of the finest oud fragrances from the LKNU range.


Baruti - NOOUD - 1 ML
Dusita - Oudh Infini - 1 ML
Electimuss - Jupiter - 1 ML
Imaginary Authors - Whispered Myths - 1 ML
Jorum Studio - Fantosmia - 1 ML
MDCI - Cuir Cavalier - 1 ML
Nicolai - Incense Oud - 1 ML
Prissana - Thichila - 1 ML
Rania J - Oud Assam - 1 ML
Stephane Humbert Lucas - Oumma - 1 ML


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