Parfum d'Empire

Osmanthus Interdite

Serene | Soothing | Osmanthus Tea

In ancient Chinese philosophy – long forbidden by Chairman Mao’s Cultural Revolution – perfumes were an expression of the continuity of all life forms. Because they transformed matter into energy, they were mediators between heaven and earth, the visible and the invisible.

An emblematic flower of the Middle Kingdom, osmanthus embodies this age-old philosophy which refuses the duality of body and soul: its smell hovers between floral, fruity and animal facets, as though to express the flow of all matter.

Osmanthus Interdite, its name a tribute to the mysteries of the “Forbidden City”, opens with the quintessentially Chinese aroma of green tea, which harmonizes perfectly with osmanthus, since the flower is traditionally used to flavour it, as is jasmine sambac, a greener, fresher variety of jasmine. A suede accord brings a velvety touch to the scent, while rose oil enhances its fruity facets.

And thus fragrance becomes flavour, crossing over from one sense to another to turn skin into a forbidden fruit… to be savoured wisely.

Top Notes: Chinese Tea, Apricot
Heart Notes: Rose, Osmanthus
Base Notes: Osmanthus, Musk, Suede

Perfumer: Marc-Antoine Corticchiato



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