Omnia Profumi



The shades of rose gold are like the glow of the setting sun, those colors that blend from yellow into pink, giving life to those orange-pink nuances that recall a pale tangerine.

The horizon of the afternoon, which is turning into evening, gradually darkens, becoming almost brown, the red of the sunset blending with the night, here Ororosa is born with its nuances of mandarin essence and tobacco.

Watching a sunset warms the soul and gives energy, like the new Omnia Profumi fragrance which aims to give energy and instill love and ecstasy in those who wear it.

A decidedly genderless fragrance.

Top Notes: Bitter Orange, Sicily Yellow Mandarin
Heart Notes: Freesia, Tobacco, Bitter Cocoa
Base Notes: Amber, Tonka Bean, White Musk, Vanilla

Perfumer: Fabrizio Tagliacarne


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