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Oriental Velours



Sensual | Retro | Myrrh

Oriental Velours is the connoisseur’s fragrance, utilising the highest quality Grand Cru ingredients. With particularly deep resinous and dark facets, Oriental Velours is flashed in a bath of white light. Like crushed velvet in a myriad of complex smoky tones, the central myrrh note rotates with its signature citric freshness and effervescent cola-like top. This bright and soapy note is bolstered with the cooling note of pine and the smooth, almost floral freshness of green vanilla extract. This scent is firmly punctuated – the resinous freshness repeats itself in a gorgeous cycle, integrating with the long texture of pure white jasmine of the highest quality.

Vetiver is essential and prominent, and here it is revealed like a quiet shadow – a sophisticated soft earthiness.

Indian Jasmine alcoolat Grand Cru 5%,
Madagascar Green Vanilla oleoresin Grand Cru 2.5%,
Somalian Myrrh oil 15%,
Haitian special Vetiver oil Grand Cru 10%
contains Épicéa oil from the Alps

Maturation: 3 weeks
Maceration: 2 weeks

Top Notes: Jasmine
Heart Notes: Spruce, Myrrh
Base Notes: Vetiver, Vanilla

Perfumer: Florence Fouillet Dubois


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