Hilde Soliani



A fragrance like this makes us ponder, what’s in a name? To this, we say, Orgasmo is that of a sensation - of unmediated pleasure - a shot of delicious amaretto almond liqueur straight to the palate and unto the receptors.

There’s no denying how much of a delight Orgasmo is, but that’s not to neglect the sophistication of the scent either. The almond is scorched to reveal seductive tones of vanilla, deep and rounded boozy sweetness, and even an impression of lightly smoky wood and coconut cream. And then, sugars begin to caramelise: forming a simple yet effective counterpoint.

From another angle, Orgasmo is the scent of marzipan and nougat, reminiscent of tonka bean, so good you can almost smell (and feel) its chewy resistant texture. Spray Orgasmo and listen to its beguiling sweet nothings in the olfactory language of gourmands.

Notes: Almond, Amaretto


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