Opus 1144



Amber | Resinous | Gothic

As a genre, the Gothic approaches the threshold of the unknown, and represents a liminal space: like fractures in our ability to comprehend the world around us. Opus 1144 consecrates the Gothic through scent, and gains its name from the completion of the Saint-Denis Basilica choir in 1144, which is the first structure to be completely styled with elements of Gothic architecture.

How might this abbey church be interpreted in smell? How might the Gothic be represented through symbolic means? For perfumer Filippo Sorcinelli, the disturbing charm of the Gothic begins with the spectral silhouette of elemi resin – a citrus-inflected and balsamic incense note that plunges deep into the abstract amber and musk base of this fragrance, but only after it has been flushed in the charming and harmonising tang of tangerine.

Chewy benzoin resin, almost inebriating in its hedonistic sweetness, constitutes the majority of this amber accord, and is surrounded with the pure and humanising feel of jasmine flower. And whilst amber and incense resins provide atmosphere, it is thanks to a combination of precious woods, tender iris, and rare orchid that bring this fragrance together in singularity.

Altogether, Opus 1144 has the jagged texture of warm grey stone, its presence vibrating from its core. Given its Gothic inspiration, this is an elegantly composed and classically drawn amber fragrance. At times sensual, it coaxes us to engage with its mysteries, contrasts, and tensions.

Top Notes:  Lemon, Tangerine, Jasmine, Orchid.
Heart Notes:  Benzoin, Cashmere Wood, Iris, Elemi
Base Notes: White Moss, Vanilla, Sandalwood, Ambergris, Leather

Perfumer: Filippo Sorcinelli


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