Opardu 100ML


Memories | Nostalgia | Paris

Puredistance Opardu has an instant hypnotizing effect that evokes memories of love, romance and seduction. Be prepared for a sensual perfume that will bring you back to the velvety nightlife of Paris in earlier days.

Perfumer Annie Buzantian from New York succeeded in creating a Perfume that revives the rich beauty of a bygone era in a modern and elegant way. Opardu is full and lush and as the scent wears on, the more ethereal elements continue to shine and the overall effect is absolutely lovely.

100ml Puredistance Opardu Perfume Flacon in a classic white giftbox, with handmade leather holder.

Top Notes: Tuberose, Gardenia, Rose, Lilac
Heart Notes: Carnation, Jasmine
Base Notes: Heliotrope, Cedar

Perfumer: Annie Buzantian


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