Onskad 30*

During this carefree era, a circle of privileged individuals used to gather in trendy bars and cafes, celebrating artists, fashion designers, and aristocrats, giving rise to a joyful, sophisticated, baroque, and refined Art of Living.

Cigarette cases, liquor cabinets, lipstick, powder compacts, elegant evening attire, evening clutches, sequins all showcased a woman who was part tomboy, part Amazon. These pieces are an ode to glitz and glamour, to the festivities of nightlife.

The wardrobe draws inspiration from casual style and borrows some codes from masculine elegance and dandyism. For many women, the Roaring Twenties symbolize ambition and power. The Art Deco movement is born; it's not just an era; its aesthetics, opulence, and beauty manifest in everyday objects.

Onskad 30', a perfume to flirt with the fast pace and the taste of the forbidden. A simple spritz is enough to clothe you in a fragrance of desire and body fusion.

The initial impulse hints at reminiscences of lipstick, adorned with pearlescent powder. The velvety, creamy effect gains momentum with the vibrant energy of rose fabrics. Bergamot ignites without disturbing the iridescent facets of violet leaf.

The encounter between the leather accord orchestrated by styrax and the very golden charisma of birch passionately embraces the effluences of amyris.

An oscillation between mystery and sweetness.

Onskad 30' in filmography... Desire, Cabaret, Top Hat, and The Red-Headed Woman.

The soundtrack of Onskad 30'... Erik Satie's Gnossienne No. 5, Bryan Ferry's Love is the Drug, Frank Sinatra's My Way, and Lana Del Rey's Art Deco.

Top Notes: Bergamot, Powdery Notes, Amber
Heart Notes: Violet Leaf, Rose, Tobacco
Base Notes: Styrax, Castoreum, Amyris, Sandalwood, Birch

Perfumer: Lea Hiram

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