Oriza L. Legrand

Oeillet Louis XV


Vibrant | Spicy | Carnation

A perfume of symbolic and olfactory contrasts, Oeillet Louis XV is at once powdery and peppery, silky and sparkly, while the namesake note of carnation stirs, rouses, yet paradoxically comforts. It is reminiscent of bygone days of scented iris-tinged rice powder against smouldering clove and the gentle violence of pepper notes. This recalls the smell of gunpowder – taking its cue from the French revolution.

Oeillet Louis XV reads and renders the symbolic language of flowers – generating great interest on many levels. A tribute to Louis XV (who wore carnation), the beloved King of France, who saw the birth of Oriza in 1720 and of whom he was the most illustrious client. Above all else, carnation represents a surprise of unparalleled spark, joy, and intensity. At once of a time yet timeless.

Top Notes: Pink Pepper, Mandarin
Heart Notes: Carnation, White Orchid, Iris, Rose, Clove
Base Notes: Rice Powder, White Musk, Honey, Woody Notes


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