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The darkest Bulgarian Rose that ever was. Spices. Woods. Resins.

Octavian, Emperor Augustus, first emperor of the Roman empire and Caesar's chosen son and heir. He oversaw the greatest expansion of the Roman empire across the Silk Road, through east and west Europe, Iran, Persia, Egypt, and into China. His reign oversaw a time of great wealth, alliances, peace and success.

I found Rome a city of bricks and left it a city of marble” Emperor Augustus

Bulgarian Rose Absolute can cost in excess of $5000 per kilogram, and is considered one of the finest and most prized natural materials used in perfumery. It’s the centerpiece of Octavian, and all of its facets are accentuated by other precious materials such as saffron, incense and oud. Octavian starts with fruity, spicy pink pepper and fine saffron, leading into the gothic Bulgarian Rose heart, which is woody, spicy, and floral all at once. Incense gives some lift and sparkle, whilst oud further paints its dark brushstrokes in the background. If the rose of Frederic Malle’s Portrait of a Lady isn’t dark enough, then Octavian is the scent for you.

All of the Electimuss range contains 30% parfum concentrate, higher than almost any other house.

Spicy Top:
Saffron, Pink Pepper

Dark Rose Incense Heart:
Rose, Olibanum

Resinous Woody Base:
Amber, Oud

Perfumer: Christian Provenzano


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