(Nir-mo-hi) Fragrance of fresh starts & getaways.

Story: Nirmohee means the detached one.

To truly live in the moment, you have to let go first.
Let go of all the worries in your heart and let it become lighter.
Take a break from chasing whatever it is you do every day.
Allow time to slowly slip by as you savour a feeling of simple and joyful existence. Watching the grass grow and the waves crash. Let your surroundings become the rhythm you breathe.
Just breathe.

Fragrance Journey:

As a journey of rejuvenation and reinventing yourself, it is a fresh and soft fragrance layered with nuances of evernyl, an alternative to oakmoss.

Spritz generously and let it settle for a couple of minutes before taking a whiff. The opening has a prominent and herbal presence of mint that gets enveloped in a mossy gentleness, like the air flowing from the sea and over the hills. Dewy magnolias bloom in the distance while white musk provides a background to the composition. After a few hours, when all other notes have mostly faded, the musk lingers on as a skin scent with a tinge of greenness.

Suitable for spring, summer and holidays.

Projection: A gentle breeze.

Notes: Mint, Moss (Evernyl), Magnolia, Musk.

Perfumer: Givaudan

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