Neela Vermeire Creations

Neela Vermeire Discovery Set


As a perfume connoisseur, Neela had a keen awareness of the difference good natural raw materials can make. She began her work with Bertrand Duchaufour by giving him free rein to use a costly palette of attars and resins that would do justice to the sensual splendors of the east-west connections.

The result?

Several formulas rich with natural oudh, rose and jasmine essentials, real sandalwood and other flowers and spices at concentrations that would frankly be considered ridiculous by commercial standards. You will recognize these superior ingredients – from the first spritz to the lengthy dry-down.....

We have compiled this Discovery Set of Neela Vermeire fragrances, which includes samples of the following:

Ashoka - 1 ML
Bombay Bling - 1 ML
Mohur EdP - 1 ML
Mohur Extrait - 1 ML
Nemus - 1 ML
Niral - 1 ML
Pichola - 1 ML
Purpurium - 1 ML
Rahele - 1 ML
Thyina - 1 ML
Trayee - 1 ML


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