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Dangerous | Prickly | Rose

Watch your step, for you might fall into the thorny embrace of the rose.

Nectary is the embodiment of the rose plant. The sour rosehip fruits, its gnarled, woody trunk, curled talon-like thorns, and blood-red bloom.

Tart fruits seek to give an impression of the rosehips. Oud is here, but Nectary is not a typical rose-oud fragrance. Instead, the oud merely gives darkness and structure to the woody facets of rose.

Civet is at its hissy, seductive best in the base, reminding the wearer how great a duo civet and rose can be. Whilst there is also ambergris and castoreum, this is not an aggressively animalic fragrance. Yet without those elements, Nectary would not have the same charm.

Sharp Brambly Top: Bramble, Peach, Cranberry
Thorny Rose Heart: Rose, Oud, Musk
Dangerous, Woody Base: Civet, Ambergris, Castoreum, Oud

Pairs with: Phloem


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