Rose et Marius

Natural Soap Bar - Corsican Landscape

Corsica is only a few nautical miles from Provence; it is a popular holiday destination for the inhabitants of Provence. Our desire is to share with you the scent of the berries that grow in the Corsican heathlands, filling the “Isle of Beauty’s” air so intensely with the scents of myrtle and juniper.

This natural Corsican Landscape scented soap creams into a rich and delicately perfumed lather to moisturise the skin.

Rose et Marius soaps are made with poppy and olive oil from Provence. The ingredients of our well-kept secret recipe are 97% natural. Palm oil free. All Rose et Marius perfumes come from the "Haute Parfumerie" laboratories in Grasse.

Top NotesMyrtle
Heart Notes: Juniper
Base NotesImmortelle


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