Natural Fragrance Discovery Set


These fragrances are composed and compounded using solely naturally-derived ingredients. Due to advancements in processing, many natural isolates are now available, allowing perfumers access to molecules such as vanillin, a molecule in vanilla which typically is obtained synthetically.

There are arguments both for and against natural perfumery, health-wise as well as scent-wise. In any case, the creative challenge of having a ‘limited palette’ without synthetic materials can rally the perfumer, allowing for some fantastic natural fragrances to be composed.

There is something wonderful about knowing that all the magnificent smells coming together inside a particular bottle of perfume were all created by nature, but harnessed by the endless artistic creativity of Man.

We have carefully curated this Discovery Set of 10 Natural Fragrances. All samples included are 100% natural, with the exception of *Escale d'Indonesie which is 99% natural.

This Discovery Set includes samples of the following:

April Aromatics - Bohemian Spice - 1 ML
April Aromatics - Calling All Angels - 1 ML
April Aromatics - Erdenstern - 1 ML
April Aromatics - Lavandeluce - 1 ML
April Aromatics - Nectar Of Love - 1 ML
April Aromatics - Ray Of Light - 1 ML
April Aromatics - Rose L'Orange - 1 ML
Criminal Elements - Muse - 1 ML
Les Indemodables - Escale En Indonesie* - 1 ML
Rogue Perfumery - Flora & Fauna - 1 ML


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