Maison Anthony Marmin

Musk Al Faransi

Musk Al Faransi is an outstanding clean musk coming from a different approach while keeping the tradition alive. Indeed white musk has always been linked to the Arabian tradition between elegance and luxury. Our perfumer used a French touch while being inspired by Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Few of the best ingredients in the world were selected such as absolutes of Damask rose and ambrette resulting in a sumptuous powdery and floral perfume.

The meaning of Musk Al Faransi is French Musk. The style of Musk Al Faransi is from the Middle East but the name is a reference to the French perfumer behind it.

Top Notes: Damask Rose, Taif Rose, Citrus
Heart Notes: Vanilla, Iris, White Lotus
Base Notes: Ambrette, Jasmine, Musk


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