Les Indemodables

Musc de Sables


Enrapturing | Soft | Sensual

A miracle of sensual, soft skin. Between powder and cream: off-white, tinted and toned slightly. The composition privileges base notes, lifted with a faint touch of freshness via green mandarin.

In this regard, Musc de Sables has a distinctly vintage character at its core, with its privileging of ‘fatty’ and unctuous musk notes. Not quite animal, but like a tincture of something rare and precious. A lick of saltiness from ambergris and deep patchouli must be noted here. This is overlaid with hints of sturdy white floral musk, to add a contrasting touch of modernism, and delicacy with the surprising fresh earthiness of high-quality iris. This is musk served straight up.

Green Mandarin Italy 4.9%,
Patchouli Indonesia essence 1.1%,
Ambergris tincture 0.7%,
Orris absolute France 0.7% (the most expensive extract in the world)

Maturation: 2 weeks
Maceration: 1 week

Top Notes: Mandarin
Heart Notes: Iris
Base Notes: Musk, Ambergris, Patchouli

Perfumer: Antoine Lie


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