Maison Anthony Marmin

Mukhallat Badawi

Mukhallat Badawi is a dark and strong perfume with a Middle Eastern style. When you look at the World with a bedouin vision, you will see many treasures that the common man never sees. When you cross the desert to find the finest myrrh from Oman, you will appreciate a break under a palm tree. When you bring the most precious spices and agarwood from various parts of Asia to the Middle East, you will know their rarity and their value.

Mukhallat Badawi is a pleasant sensory journey with a camel caravan full of precious scents. It has a rather masculine style. Mukhallat means blend and Badawi means Bedouin.

Top NotesTobacco, Patchouli
Heart Notes: Saffron, Dried Fruits, Myrrh
Base NotesPalm Tree Wood, Oud Cambodi


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