Deer Musk | Forest | Exotic

Those lucky enough to have experienced the unrivalled warmth and alluring nature of natural deer musk will know why it was such a sought after and precious material in history. Mriga has perhaps the most realistic deer musk accord you can find without harming any animals, so ethically, it's sound.

Paired here with fir balsam, nagarmotha, and cade, this fragrance conjures a wild, rugged environment, whilst highlighting all the complex facets of deer musk. This is comparable in complexity to Areej le Dore's Russian Musk and the like - extremely rare luxury fragrances that many are ethically opposed to. Another brilliant composition from Prin Lomros.

Top Notes
Lime, Grass, Wormwood, Jasmine

Heart Notes:
Deer Musk Accord, Fir Balsam, Black Spruce, Cade, Nagamotha, Rose, Peat 

Base Notes
Oakmoss, Indian Oud, Vetiver, Sandalwood, Costus, Labdanum

Perfumer: Prin Lomros


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