Mousse Illuminee



Shimmering | Radiant | Mossy

A surreal walk through a magical forest where every tree trunk is covered in lichen, throwing its dry, shimmering scent into the air.

"Mousse Illuminée is built around a lovely treemoss absolute from Robertet. The absolute smells dry, resinous, sweet...of the forest. I decided upon an early 80's style men's powerhouse fragrance.”

There’s no denying that Mousse Illuminée smells simply amazing from the first spray right to the drydown. Whilst it draws inspiration from 80s fragrances like Ralph Lauren Polo Green, it smells truly unique. Spicy bay leaf and anise-like, green artemisia open up to a heart of cypress and piney frankincense, and the crisp, lily of the valley-like note of Lyral. The figurehead here is obviously tree moss (sourced from pine and cedar trees, instead of the more common oak moss). Tree moss smells shimmering, green, woody, dry, and simply wonderful. Due to IFRA restrictions, wonderful notes like this are now a scarcity. Thankfully, Rogue is here to defy those instructions, and allow people to make decisions for themselves.

Top Notes: Bay Leaf, Artemisia   
Heart Notes: Cypress, Cedar, Frankincense, White Floral Notes
Base Notes: Tree Moss, White Musk. 

Perfumer: Manuel Cross


Please note: Rogue Perfumery may actually contain musk ketone, real oakmoss, and vintage-era amounts of citral, geraniol and eugenol. Please refer to the ingredients list as 'potential allergens' will be listed. If you are part of the small percentage of the population that experiences perfume allergies than it is advisable to fragrance a handkerchief or other article of clothing rather than apply directly to the skin. The informed decision is yours and back in your hands! Enjoy responsibly!

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