MiN New York Discovery Set


MiN NEW YORK is a New York City founded fragrance label designed to represent a lifestyle wrapped in scent.

MiN NEW YORK Scent Stories are both timeless and refined, allowing you to heighten your best self without compromising authenticity. Produced in Grasse, France, each fragrance is skillfully designed with the purpose of passing down that authenticity to you, illuminating the path to a well lived life.

We have compiled this Discovery Set of MiN New York fragrances, which includes samples of the following:

Ad Lumen - 1ML
Astronomy Domine - 1ML
Chef's Table - 1ML
Coda - 1ML
Dahab - 1ML
Dune Road - 1ML
Forever Now - 1ML
Long Board - 1ML
Magic Circus - 1ML
Momento - 1ML
Moon Dust - 1ML
Old School Bench - 1ML
Onsen - 1ML
Plush - 1ML
Shaman - 1ML
Stardust - 1ML
The Botanist - 1ML
Voodoo - 1ML


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