Migration de L’Arbre



Botanical | Undergrowth | Forests

The tree. Its roots. Its bark and wood. Its fruits and seeds. Its journey.

Inspired by Nankichi Niimi’s 1930’s short story Last Year’s Tree and the concept of forest migration: the movement of large seed-plant dominated communities in geographical space over time.

Migration de l’Arbre is a green-woody concoction with lots of complexities. With an opening of citrus and aromatics, these give rise to floral and fruity notes, before the foundation of wood and undergrowth arises. Like much of Euan McCall’s work (also with Jorum Studio), this is complex and harmonious, very botanical, and creative.

This fragrance contains base notes of a more subtle nature and therefore is not as heavy on skin as many Oriental fragrances with their thick, powerful bases. For this reason, it’s a beautiful fragrance to reapply and rediscover its joyful top and heart notes again.

Sparkling Top:
Clary Sage Absolute, Juniper Absolute, Cedrat, Grapefruit & Yuzu

Fruity, Complex Heart: 
Elemi, Mastic, Guaiac, Magnolia, Osmanthus, Pomegranate & Nigella Damenscena Absolute

Woody Undergrowth Base:
Ambergris, Tobacco Absolute, Seaweed Absolute, Vetiver, Cabreuva, Patchouli, Fir Balsam, Cedar, Oakwood & Deertongue

Perfumer: Euan McCall


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