4160 Tuesdays

Midnight In The Palace Garden


"Midnight in the Palace Garden was first made as part of our Crimes of Passion collection, originally created for a genuine Arabian sheikh. We like to picture it as more of a 1001 Nights scene, our sheikh arriving from a long camel ride over the desert, to find a quiet, cool, peaceful open garden, lit by moonlight. There are sandalwood, orange and cedar trees, jasmine and frangipani. There's a velvet divan on which he can rest, with fresh orange juice, hot coffee, vanilla sweets and his paramour waiting for him." - 4160 Tuesdays

As extravagant scents go, this is one of 4160 Tuesdays’ most outrageous: three kinds of cedarwood, sandalwood, coffee, vanilla, blood orange, davana - an artemesia which smells like mulled wine - jasmine, neroli and frangipani. Sarah made five accords: the tree of knowledge, the flowers of love, the sheikh, sweetmeats and the fruits of temptation. She wanted sensuality with subtlety.

Top notes: Blood Orange, Davana, Geranium
Heart notes: Cedarwood, Sandalwood, White Flowers
Base notes: Vanilla, Opoponax, Labdanum


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