Jorum Studio




Savoury | Herbal | Woodcarving

An olfactory encounter between crafted wood and lazily harvested Tuscan fruits.

A Tuscan countryside woodworking studio. Freshly picked figs and pomegranates in a bowl. Olives ready to be pressed for oil. The sawdust, the shavings, the chisel.

Medullary-rays are the vertical grains in wood, running perpendicular to the trunk’s rings. This fragrance pays homage to the humble craft of woodworking and the space around a Mediterranean studio. The first scent is a beautiful green fig leaf, which introduces an unexpected combination of olive and juniper - both fruity and savoury. This creates a perfect entrance for woody notes, namely cedar, papyrus and birch, with some herbal valerian helping to maintain the feel from the opening. The sawdust-like effect of guaiac and sandal woods both signify the base of the fragrance, and castoreum represents the toils of the artist himself.

Fruity, Aromatic Top:
Fig Leaf, Olive, Cardamom, Juniper, Pomegranate

Carved Wood Heart:
Cedar, Papyrus, Birch, Valerian, Iris, Frankincense

Warm Woody Base:
Guaiac Wood, Sandalwood, Hay, Castoreum

Pairs with: Arborist


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