Masculine Florals Discovery Set


There's no reason why a man can't wear a fragrance with a prominent floral note. Rose is still considered just as masculine as it is feminine in the Middle East, and rose oud fragrances have exploded in the niche fragrance market. But when blended and balanced well, any flower can shine in a masculine fragrance.⠀⠀

Explore ten carefully curated masculine and unisex fragrance samples, all with a floral twist.


Electimuss - Octavian - 1 ML
Isabey - L'Ambre De Carthage - 1 ML
Isabey - Sir Gallahad - 1 ML
Les Indemodables - Fougere Emeraude - 1 ML
Les Parfums De Rosine - Bleu Abysse - 1 ML
Libertine Fragrances - Smoked Bloom - 1 ML
Masque Milano - Luci Ed Ombre - 1 ML
Neela Vermeire - Rahele - 1 ML
Prissana - Mandarava - 1 ML
Violet - Sketch - 1 ML


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