Marylise Mirabelli*

Marylise Mirabelli Discovery Set*


The story behind Marylise Mirabelli: simply a woman who wanted to express herself through art and be free to create. 

Graduate in photography, “cat mom”, self-taught, and fan of an artist who is an endless source of inspiration and who led me to this project. 

It was then that I imagined fragrances that would bring a new aspect of music videos. 

But something was missing for me. I needed to imagine myself in these atmospheres, to have the impression of being present in his videos, the impression of flying away to other countries, to feel the inspiration of his songs.

Here is what led me to these creations: "What could be the scents that would allow me to project myself directly into these places and feel their stories even more? "

From there was born this collection which will take you to new sensations.

This set includes samples of the following:

Marylise Mirabelli - Club 30's - 1ML
Marylise Mirabelli - Dianesque - 1ML
Marylise Mirabelli - Suite 1209 - 1ML

*This is an LKNU Launchpad product however this item will be shipped from LKNU.


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