Maria Candida Gentile Discovery Set


Maria Candida Gentile is one of the most famous and esteemed international noses, the creator of bespoke perfumes for celebrities such as Madonna and H.R.H. Caroline of Monaco, as well as for some of the most stunning hotels and resorts up and down Italy.

The very first woman and Italian to be accepted into the Grasse Institute of Perfumery, Maria Candida discovered her special talent when she was just a child, but it was only later in life, when she was living in Valle D’Aosta, that she developed her special talents.

Each of Maria Candida Gentile’s perfumes has a story to tell, developing intuitively around the themes of memories, places, plentitudes and artistic evocations.

Maria Candida Gentile’s foundations come from the great classic schools of perfumery, and she remains faithful to the use of strictly natural molecules, which have been carefully selected and handled so to preserve the full expressive power.

The idea of a perfume house suspended in time, absorbing the classics and overspilling into avant-garde, putting nature before all else, inviting us into a wider context, where the values of the creator and our collective memories merge in the perfumes.

The creative and productive process of each product in the Collection is carried out with the utmost respect for the basics of perfumery, faithful to the effect natural ingredients have on our body and mind.

Those who love Maison MCG appreciate the purity of the products and the sensibility of the creator who goes beyond the conventions of fast fashion, and know that each perfume is developed with love and attention for the purest of ingredients and with spiritual integrity.

We have compiled this Discovery Set of Maria Candida Gentile fragrances, which includes samples of the following:

Anime Sante - 1ML
Barry Lyndon - 1ML
Burlesque - 1ML
Cinabre - 1ML
Elephant & Roses - 1ML
Exultat - 1ML
Finisterre - 1ML
Gentile - 1ML
Gershwin - 1ML
Hanbury - 1ML
Kitrea - 1ML
Lady Day - 1ML
Lankaran Forest - 1ML
Leuco - 1ML
Luberon - 1ML
Noir Tropical - 1ML
Rrose Selavy - 1ML
Sideris - 1ML
Syconium - 1ML
Yazemeenah - 1ML


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