Claus Porto

Madrigal - Water Lily


This 100% vegetable soap is blended with shea butter, for a smooth and creamy leather. It is milled up to three times in order to create a long-lasting soap bar. Fragrances are added to subtly scent the skin. Hand-packed in illustrated wrapping adorned with original graphics from Claus Porto’s archives.

The Madrigal line has delicate lily of the valley at its heart. This chimes with notes of rose, jasmine and honeysuckle, and sparkling notes of mandarin and lotus flower.

The line’s packaging depicts ornate, intertwining roses in shades of pink, gold and blue.

Top Notes: Tarragon, Rose Heliotrope, Mandarin.

Heart Notes: Lilac, Cinnamon, Lily of the Valley, Jasmine, Honeysuckle.

Base Notes: Hyacinth, Vanilla, Lotus Flower.

5,3 oz. - 150g

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